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New Book Collection


Finally! The latest collection of handmade books is in production.
This project is so close to my heart.  Covers clad in my personal photography, the idea for creating them was born a very long time ago. I’ve been through so many rounds of prototypes, I wondered at times if I would ever get there. My previous collection,  ‘The Elma Experiment,’ was the modeling exercise that ultimately led me to this collection (which remains nameless for now.)  Please check out the shop for more pics and info.

One Response to “New Book Collection”

  • Ashley Ward:

    I got my Tiny Paperback Floral Sketch Books today! They are darling! Tiny and Adorable!
    Great quality, Brooke, really. I hope to buy some again in the near future.

    Thank you,

    Cloud Ten Delights

    (I purchased mine from your Etsy store)