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Making this House a Home

So there have been a quite a few changes happening lately… Mark and I kind of decided to pack it all up and head back to the Bay! Seems like it all happened so fast, but it’s actually still happening.  We’re talking a total life purge – two new jobs, new place, full on leap-of-faith road trip action.  Again.

My intention was (is) to catalog much of the experience here, but I am clearly already behind on the updates.  Until I can pull myself away from all the fun that is nesting, get my act together and start posting, here’s a teaser:  it’s the beginning of what I hope will become my lush and thriving indoor garden.   We may not have a sofa to sit on yet, but we have these guys!

The planters are a happy band of misfits, and I think they’re made happier by the foliage and vice versa.   I found many of the plants this morning at Sloat Garden Center in the Richmond District (following an unparalleled breakfast bagel from the Blue Danube.)  I’m especially loving the bushy yet delicate “maiden hair” fern, and how it moves in the breeze from the window.   It’s already doing wonders for the vibe in here!

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