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Beautiful Bones, part 2

Finally made it out to the Central Terminal this morning, to check out the Echo Art Fair.  The event was one of the most vibrant and inspiring I’ve been to in a really long time.  Echo’s aim is to connect emerging local talents with regional and international artists, collectors and enthusiasts.  More than a mere lineup of the usual suspects, the show was full of work that was both unexpected and delightfully modern.

The Central Terminal made a perfect backdrop for the affair, and the energy was palpable in there. So much so that I couldn’t even wait until I got outside to start creating.  I whipped my camera out to capture some of the incredible architectural details surrounding us.

First opened to the public in 1929, the terminal is a statuesque art deco masterpiece. After closing its doors in the 1950’s, the terminal had been abandoned and left for dead until its preservation efforts officially began in 1997.  Though the majority of the complex remains in disrepair today, it’s those torn edges and tarnish I find so alluring.





















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